Python for Managers


As the fastest-growing programming language in the market, Python is quickly becoming an integral part of many professions, from finance and insurance to technology and healthcare, to name but a few.

The Python for Managers online program is designed to get you off the sidelines and into the programming action. You’ll build the capacity to organize and analyze data efficiently, fostering a renewed confidence in your decision-making abilities and accelerating your ability to have a real impact on your organization.

The program is divided into two sections: part one is focused on Python fundamentals and part two addresses its practical business applications.

Dates:  – 

Time Commitment: 4–6 hours per week

Format: Facilitated online course – learn with a cohort and facilitator as new pre-recorded modules are released each week.

Administrative Fee: $250

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Key Learnings

  • Learn the fundamentals of coding in Python with a focus on practical business applications
  • Practice how to read and write scripts (working with simulated data from a case study on a New York restaurant group)
  • Build the capacity to organize and interpret data that extends far beyond Excel’s capabilities
  • Get equipped to communicate effectively with programmers whether you hire, manage, or collaborate with them
  • Learn how to combine multiple data sources for better insights
  • Explore the practical applications of web scraping and APIs
  • Execute a final project with real-world application


Module 1: Python Fundamentals Part 1

Module 2: Python Fundamentals Part 2

Module 3: Python Fundamentals Part 3

Module 4: Intro to Pandas in Python

Module 5: Analyzing Data with Python

Module 6: APIs and Web Scraping with Python

Module 7: Applying APIs and Web Scraping

Module 8: Tying It Together


Daniel Guetta

Associate Professor of Professional Practice; Director, Center for Pricing and Revenue Management and Business Analytics Initiative, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

Mattan Griffel

Faculty Co-Director, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

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Please visit our contact page to view frequently asked questions about our programs.