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Leadership: People, Teams, and Organizations


To accomplish their organizational goals, leaders need to manage people, information, and processes all at the same time.

The Leadership: People, Teams, and Organizations online program provides them with a holistic learning experience around key leadership skills — including the diagnosis of problems, making effective decisions, influencing and motivating others, managing the diversity of our personal contacts, optimizing cross-functional teams, driving culture and change, and communicating with others effectively, while always maintaining ethics and integrity.

Dates:  – 

Time Commitment: 2–4 hours per week


Administrative Fee: $250

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Key Learnings

  • Receive insightful feedback on your own leadership style from Columbia Business School’s 360° leadership survey * Get yourself into a powerful mindset and experiment with your own leadership style * Learn how to make unbiased, rational decisions, including when to use intuition and when to use expertise * Practice persuasion techniques and learn how to influence ethically * Get equipped to create and lead high-impact teams * Better understand and develop organizational culture * Learn how to harvest the power of social capital


Module 1: The Heart of Leadership Module 2: Making Wise Decisions Module 3: Influencing Ethically and Fairly Module 4: Leading and Managing Teams Module 5: Leveraging Culture Module 6: Building Social Networks


Adam Galinsky

Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business and Chair, Management Division

The Late Katherine Phillips

Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character, Management Division; Director, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics

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Please visit our contact page to view frequently asked questions about our programs.