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Globalization: Strategies for Your Enterprise


Presented by world-renowned economists Joseph Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald, this online program gives you a true understanding of how globalization impacts us and our world at large. You’ll debunk pervasive myths of globalization and receive unique insight into how to consider its challenges and opportunities — both macro- and micro-economic. You’ll walk away with frameworks that you can use in the midst of globalization to guide your business strategy and investment decisions to more profitability.

Dates:  – 

Time Commitment: 4–6 hours per week

Format: Online, Asynchronous

Administrative Fee: $250

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Key Learnings

  • Learn how to evaluate the impacts and effects of globalization
  • Understand the importance of thinking and acting locally when considering expansion
  • Assess the global economic landscape by industry sector in the short- and long-term
  • Learn how to apply strategic analysis to understand market structures and competitive advantage in a global environment
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of regulatory and trade policies
  • Understand the role of globalization in trade, labor markets, and intellectual property rights
  • Differentiate finance from other economic sectors, and learn how globalization is tied to financial markets, global reserves, and international financial reform
  • Learn to better predict future effects of global imbalances
  • Apply knowledge of the impacts of globalization to case studies and real-world scenarios


Week 1

Module 1: Introduction: Globalization and the Rise of Developing Countries

Module 2: History of Globalization

Week 2

Module 3: The Business Perspective: Market Structure, Competitive Advantage, and Globalization

Module 4: Productivity Growth, Outsourcing, Economic Performance, and Labor Markets

Week 3

Module 5: Policy, Structural, and Macro Issues

Module 6: Effect of Globalization on Labor Markets

Week 4

Module 7: The Global Environment

Module 8: Trade, Inequality and Labor Markets

Week 5

Module 9: Inequality and Labor Markets

Module 10: Intellectual Property Rights and Globalization

Week 6

Module 11: Introduction to Financial Markets, the Global Financial System, and Globalization

Module 12: Global Macro-Stability and the Current Crisis

Week 7

Module 13: The Euro Crisis

Module 14: Globalization, Markets & Changing Economic Landscape


Bruce Greenwald

Robert Heilbrunn Professor Emeritus of Asset Management and Finance, Accounting Division

Joseph Stiglitz

Executive Director and Co-founder, Initiative for Policy Dialogue; Professor, Economics Division; Professor, Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing

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Please visit our contact page to view frequently asked questions about our programs.