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Global Strategy: Succeeding in the World Economy


No business operates in a vacuum. Staying competitive in a rapidly changing economic environment requires organizations to anticipate emerging and future threats and to respond proactively and intelligently.

In this course, learn how a broad web of macroeconomic forces — from exchange rate volatility to geopolitical uncertainty, from monetary policy and trade conflicts — can shape the future of your organization.

You’ll build your ability to detect and skillfully navigate key macroeconomic influences and learn how to improve your strategic decision making in today's global economy, so you can steer your organization toward a brighter future.

Dates:  – 

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week

Format: Facilitated Online Course – Learn with a cohort and facilitator as new pre-recorded modules are released each week.

Administrative Fee: $250

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Key Learnings

  • Identify economic growth opportunities and risks across the world

  • Apply the Macro Scenario Playbook — a framework for strategic decision making — to gauge the impact of changes in the global economy on your business

  • Forecast exchange rates, bond prices, and equity prices in response to macroeconomic shocks

  • Determine potential short- and long-term pandemic scenarios and their impact on your organization


The below modules are preceded by an orientation week, during which you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the learning platform and prepare for the program ahead.

Module 1: Business Cycles and Monetary Policy

Module 2: Fiscal Stimulus and Fiscal Austerity

Module 3: Exchange Rates

Module 4: Macroeconomic News and Financial Markets

Module 5: Economic Growth in Advanced Economics

Module 6: Forecasting the Next Emerging Market Miracle

Module 7: Global Trade and Global Capital Flows

Module 8: Business Strategies in Recessions

Module 9: Business Strategies in Pandemics


Pierre Yared

MUTB Professor of International Business, Economics Division Vice Dean of Executive Education, Executive Education

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Please visit our contact page to view frequently asked questions about our programs.