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Business Analytics


With the increasing availability of broad and deep sources of information, so-called “Big Data,” business analytics is becoming an even more critical capability for enterprises of all types and all sizes.

Applied in a wide range of functions — from operations and marketing to finance and strategic planning — organizations who successfully leverage business analytics use the data available to them to gain strategic insights and make better business decisions.

In this six-week course, build — or rebuild — your foundational insights in business analytics so you can identify, evaluate, and capture opportunities fast, make better predictions and estimates, and create value for your business.

Dates:  – 

Time Commitment: 4–6 hours per week

Format: Facilitated Online Course – Learn with a cohort and facilitator as new pre-recorded modules are released each week.

Administrative Fee: $250

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Key Learnings

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and quantitative analytical methods to think critically about data and the analyses of data performed by or presented to your team

  • Practice the most common analytical methods and techniques in various industries and sectors to develop data-driven insights and support your business decisions

  • Feel empowered to identify and evaluate opportunities for creating value for your organization

  • Explore the strategies and challenges to implement analytical approaches within your organization


Part 1: Introduction

Session 1: Introduction to Business Analytics

Part 2: Predictive Analytics

Session 2: Pricing Analytics: Nomis B

Session 3: Recommendation Analytics: Pandora

Session 4: From Analytics to Value: Tahoe Healthcare

Session 5: Model Quality: Financial Analytics

Session 6: Skill vs. Luck: Sports Analytics

Part 3: Prescriptive Analytics

Session 7: Testing Analytics in Retail: BOPS at Home & Kitchen

Session 8: Simulation Analytics

Session 9: Optimization Analytics and Efficient Frontiers

Part 4: Implementation

Session 10:The Analytics Lifecycle: The Case of Zara

Session 11:Analytics and Fairness

Bonus Session

Session 12: Analytics in Practice using Python

Note: students should have prior experience using Python to attend this session.


Daniel Guetta

Associate Professor of Professional Practice; Director, Center for Pricing and Revenue Management and Business Analytics Initiative, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

Ciamac C. Moallemi

William Von Mueffling Professor of Business, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

Mark Broadie

Carson Family Professor of Business, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division; Academic Advisory Board Member, Program for Financial Studies

Omar Besbes

Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

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Please visit our contact page to view frequently asked questions about our programs.