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Who is elligible to participate in programs that are offered through Alumni Edge?

Alumni Edge was created as a resource and benefit to the degree-earning alumni from Columbia Business School. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend these programs to guests, colleagues, or spouses of CBS alumni.

How do I register to participate in one of the Alumni Edge programs?

To complete your registration and payment within the programs, please utilize the blue “Enroll Now” button that is located on the specific program page that you are interested in. Participants will need their Columbia UNI and password to enroll in this and other Alumni Edge programs. If you have forgotten your UNI or password or need help, please visit the help center or contact us at edge@gsb.columbia.edu.

I completed my registration and it says that I have been added to the waiting list. What does this mean?

Once a program has met the enrollment capacity, participants who register up until the enrollment deadline will be automatically added to the program’s waiting list. Should additional spots become available within the program, participants will be promoted, in order of registration, from the waiting list to the main list. Once a participant is promoted, they will receive an email notifying them of this promotion as well payment details and will have 24 hours from the time of the promotion to submit their payment for the program. Should a participant fail to submit their payment within 24 hours, they may re-register and be added back to the waiting list.

What is the educational approach of your online programs?

You can expect a robust, multi-layered learning experience that emphasizes the development of the higher order thinking skills which were proposed by educational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Bloom in “Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning.” According to Bloom, the development of higher order thinking skills requires guiding the learner from just knowledge recall to comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Bloom’s Taxonomy was later revised and expressed in more action-orientated terms as (1) remembering, (2) understanding, (3) applying, (4) analyzing, (5) evaluating, and (6) creating. In online learning at Columbia Business School, you will have an opportunity to progress through these key phases of learning so that by the end each program, your return on learning will be clearly measurable.

Who will be my main point of contact?

Each online program is managed by a dedicated Online Facilitator who will be available to answer any questions, provide feedback, and send reminders as needed. Your Online Facilitator will contact you shortly before the program begins.

May I use my unused bid points for Alumni Edge programs?

No, unfortunately, bid points cannot be used against the administrative fee for Alumni Edge programs.


How long do Alumni Edge online programs run for?

Alumni Edge online programs range from seven to eight weeks in length.

Are Alumni Edge online programs synchronous or asynchronous?

Alumni Edge online programs are mostly asynchronous, meaning that there is generally no live contact with faculty. Unless otherwise specified in the program description, all lectures are delivered through recorded media. Interactions between learners, facilitators, and faculty are conducted via discussion boards, email, and announcements, and all program material is posted on a course site.

Each online program is divided into time-sequenced modules with new modules released each week. This is to allow you to move through the course with a cohort of fellow learners to ask questions and share your learnings and experiences. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities you will have to connect with fellow learners in each particular online program.

What is the weekly time commitment?

You can expect an average weekly time commitment of 4-8 hours per week, depending on your learning objectives and the program you take.

While you will be able to work on your own schedule, there will be weekly deadlines you will have to meet; therefore, please pace yourself in order to avoid “binge learning,” which ultimately will not provide for a truly satisfying experience.

Are assignments graded and if so, how?

An assignment is marked as either complete or incomplete based on whether or not it meets the assignment requirements. If an assignment is submitted without meeting the essential requirements, it will be marked as incomplete; however, you will be able to resubmit the assignment for further review.

Will there be any pre-program work?

No. There is no pre-program work in Alumni Edge online programs.

Learning Experience

How large are the online program cohorts?

We limit the enrollment levels of our online programs to ensure every participant receives consistent feedback from the Online Facilitators. This makes it possible for us to provide you with a level of attention and feedback not typical in other online programs.

What is the role of the Online Facilitator?

In online learning at Columbia Business School, we emphasize facilitated cohort learning and development. Our online programs are guided by a dedicated Online Facilitator who provides feedback on your learning to help you re-examine your assumptions in order to expand your understanding of the program’s concepts and achieve your learning objectives.

How will I interact with my cohort of online learners?

Connecting with other learners in an asynchronous online learning environment takes place through weekly discussion boards as well as peer or small group sessions.

What is the online participant code of conduct?

Whether attending an online or in-person program, every participant at Alumni Edge is expected to adhere to the participant code of conduct which requires the following:

  • Respect the privacy of other participants. Do not share or disclose personal or proprietary company information on public forums.
  • Respect the diversity of opinions and cultures that will be present in your program. The use of language that is harassing or denigrating will not be tolerated.
  • Your program login credentials are for your personal use only. Do not allow anyone else to access the course site using your login.
  • Do not reproduce content from any online program unless allowed by the copyright terms laid out by the course administrator.
  • Do not submit the work of others as your own work.
  • Violation of this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action including cancellation of program enrollment with no reimbursement of fees.

Accessing Course Materials

How will I access the program materials?

Each program has a dedicated course site which you will need your UNI and password to access. (If you need help with your UNI or password, please click here.) The course site will contain all program materials — syllabus, video content, readings, and assignments.

When will I receive access to the course site?

You will receive access to the course site generally within one to five business days of the course start date.

Can I access the course site on a mobile device?

Yes, the course sites are accessible on mobile devices via the course website log-in page at https://courseworks2.columbia.edu or via the Canvas app:

To find your program on the Canvas app, type “Columbia University” when prompted for the school’s name.

Please note that there will be differences in how the course site is displayed in the app versus on desktop. We recommend that you experiment with accessing the course site on a mobile device and laptop or computer to see which works best for you.

How long will I have access to the course site after the program concludes?

You will have access to the course site for an additional two weeks after the program concludes.


Do Alumni Edge programs provide any university credits?

No. Alumni Edge programs are non-degree courses and, as such, do not provide accreditation or lead to an accredited diploma or a degree. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate of participation.

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What is the registration process for this program?

To complete your registration and payment within the programs, please utilize the blue “Enroll Now” button that is located on the specific program page that you are interested in. Participants will need their Columbia UNI and password to enroll in this and other Alumni Edge programs. If you have forgotten your UNI or password or need help, please visit the help center or contact us at edge@gsb.columbia.edu.

Registrations are processed on a rolling basis. Within two weeks of completing your registration and payment, you can expect to receive an email from our partners P2 at hello@p2.education containing instructions to access the course.

Who do I contact for program and technical support?

Once you have completed your application and payment for the program, you may contact P2 directly for any program related questions and/or technical support questions. They may be contacted at hello@p2.education.

Contact Us

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